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Sol Tech Academy introduces people of all ages from historically marginalized communities to see technology through a climate justice lens. Specifically, we prioritize equipping young people with training, access to different coding languages, connecting technology's role in their future career choice, and experiential opportunities to survey the environmental quality of their communities. Participants are encouraged to own their own climate tech solutions relevant to what they want to see around them daily, in their communities, and in their future. 


We provide workshops, summits, clubs, maker spaces, fellowships, and other relevant experiences to connect climate justice, community, and technology. This initiative shapes our contribution to the improvement of socio-economic mobility, the digital divide, and out-of-school time outcomes that have disproportionately impacted our target BIPOC community.

Image by Desola Lanre-Ologun

Sol Tech Programs

  • codeFRESH

  • Mobile Labs

  • Tech Parties

  • Ambassadors Program

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