Nakisa Glover

She has a passion for advocacy and contributing positively to the community. Her commitment to the community means that she works to raise awareness about threats as well as key issues and she advocates for real SOLutions. In her role as Executive Director she provides vision for Sol Nation and the pathways to solutions that can help communities thrive.


Tiffany Fant

Passion focused, heart driven, and results proven is the life philosophy to all of the work that she does. She is deeply committed to positively impacting every community that she lives in because change begins with the individual. At Sol Nation, she makes sure that the organization keeps moving and going so that they can have a positive impact on the land, the water, the air, and the people.


Marcus Kiser

This graphic designing superhero is the Creative Managing Director and he makes sure that Sol Nation will always exist in the future. His afrofuturistic style is what he brings to The Sol Collective to help translate the issues of climate justice visually. 

Sol Fellow

Julian Gordon


The vision of Sol Nation is to be a nationally and globally recognized organization that provides direct pathways to a just transition, resiliency, and revitalization as we move to a Green Economy.


E: hello@solnation.org

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