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Environmental Justice Is...

We introduced Environmental Justice Is... as the theme of the 2019 Sol Summit and we have launched a climate justice solutions based campaign of the same name.. We are linking environmental justice and social justice issues to illustrate that for every social justice issue there is an environmental justice component to it. The campaign allows for interaction with each topic through storytelling, hands-on opportunities, visuals, and practical solutions that communities can implement.. The Environmental Justice Is... campaign gives us a rallying point to move forward in, providing greater access to education, resources, infrastructure, power, and liberation with the communities that we serve.

Featured Episodes

sol 2020 ig_artsculture.jpg
sol 2020 ig_nov.jpg
sol 2020 ig_racial.jpg
sol 2020 ig_economic_oct.jpg
sol 2020 ig_education_sept.jpg
sol 2020 ig_NEXT.jpg
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