SOL Stories

Whether we know it or not, we have all been affected by environmental issues. It has been the most vulnerable communities that have lost the most and yet have the most to gain in regards to resilience. Storytelling is a way to shed light on issues, give voice to those who are all too often muted. SOL stories allow SOULS to be bared, ACTION to take place, and HEALING to begin. Through articles, podcasts, video, poetry, and any other medium Sol Nation will capture stories of strength, resilience, and solutions to further the movement that is climate justice.

GOT A SOL STORY? We want to hear it!
Tell us how you have been affected by environmental issues OR tell us how you envision the future.
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The vision of Sol Nation is to be a nationally and globally recognized organization that provides direct pathways to a just transition, resiliency, and revitalization as we move to a Green Economy.



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